Monthly Archives: November 2012

As Jonathan Edwards said, God’s love is “an infinite ocean of love, without shores and without bottom.”
There are two ways we can run from God.
No one can tell you, PRAISE GOD! Praise is a response. It is a reply to something revealed and received.
The logic of law makes sense. The logic of grace, on the other hand, doesn’t.
When I was told by Jesus all was well/ So all must be well
Recently I took eleven kids to the movie theater, only three of them were my own. Crazy, I know.
Believe it or not, this is an important question. It’s not simply a theological question. It’s a theological question that…
The conversation between four year-old Jackson and his mom in the car after dropping off his siblings at school was…
The first Adam ventured up into the “realm of things above” and brought death. The second Adam ventured down into…
Bob Dylan on Grace.