LIBERATE 2013 Speaker Profile: Sally Lloyd-Jones



Sally Lloyd-Jones, award-winning author of children’s books, will give a talk entitled, “Communicating Grace to Children,” at LIBERATE 2013.  She is the author of Time to Say Goodnight, How to be a Baby By Me, The Big Sister, and the celebrated The Jesus Storybook Bible, among many others. In her talk Sally will introduce her new book, Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing. In addition to her presentation at LIBERATE 2013, Sally will be leading children’s Sunday School at Coral Ridge on Sunday, February 24.


Here is Sally’s description of her presentation for LIBERATE 2013:

Almost overnight, my 8 year-old niece went from being a vivacious little girl to a frightened withdrawn child.

We found out she was being bullied at school.

I wished she had a book to read before school to hear what God says about her not what those bullies were saying about her. And so THOUGHTS TO MAKE YOUR HEART SING became a book of hope for children.

Children look to us for everything. But in all that we’ve given children, have we forgotten to give them hope?

Have we left them in despair—looking at what they should do but don’t? Looking at who they should be but aren’t?

How do we give hope to children? When we take the focus on them and put it back on God where it belongs.

When we tell them truths like:

  • God holds the oceans in the palm of his hand. If he can hold the oceans, he can hold you
  • If God cares for the tiniest sparrow—how much more must he care for you, his child?
  • If Jesus can calm a storm on a lake, he can calm the storm in your heart
  • Faith isn’t just you holding on to God. It’s God holding on to you

Children don’t need to be told to try harder, believe more, do it better. That just leaves them in despair. The moral code always does.

We don’t need a moral code.

We need a Rescuer.

Sally will share her experiences as a writer and a storyteller—celebrating the power of Story and the dignity of children. She will intersperse her talk with excerpts from her work. Her new book THOUGHTS TO MAKE YOUR HEART SING came out in October. More here

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