Elyse Fitzpatrick on Grace for Parents

Elyse on Grace for Parents

Elyse Fitzpatrick sat down with Knox Seminary professor and LIBERATE curator Dan Siedell to talk about a particular kind of grace for parents.

Watch it here.

Elyse-Vimeo HD from Coral Ridge | LIBERATE on Vimeo.

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  2. Jeanne Nordquist says:

    My children, I have four, are all struggling in their own way–two with alcohol. I am a teacher. I know how parenting affects children. There is talk constantly in education about how parenting affects children so I am also bombarded with this message. I tried to do right by my children in all areas, but I am in a constant state of guilt and recognition that I threw myself into my work and did not spend enough quality time with my children. I knew to read with my children, I preach this to my student’s parents, but while I was busy with telling other parents how to parent, I was not doing the best job with my own children. I was getting all sorts of accolades as a teacher, but I was failing as a parent and though I think inside I knew this, I couldn’t stop myself. Now I see the results of my decisions and all I do throughout every day is beat myself up about it. I pray on it nightly and during the day as well. I know about grace and I believe what you say, but not being able to take back those years, not being able to change the way my children have turned out, eats away at me constantly. I just can’t get past it. I have no doubt that I am saved, no doubt that I am forgiven, but even though God loves me, I basically hate myself. I guess all I can do is keep praying for my children and praying to our Lord that I can eventually forgive myself and quit torturing myself with negative thoughts about the mistakes I made in the past. I want the freedom that you spoke of.

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