LIBERATE exists to connect God’s inexhaustible grace to an exhausted world. We believe that Christianity needs to, once again, be known by its core message: the forgiveness of sins. We want to introduce God’s good news of grace to a broken and burned out world by announcing over and over again that Jesus lived, died, and rose again to “set the captives free” (Luke 4:18).

LIBERATE-windmill-logoThe symbolism of a windmill captures our heartbeat. Windmills were originally created to harness the power of the wind for the purpose of crushing and/or freeing something; while modern day wind turbines were developed to reform kinetic energy into electrical current. Just as the sails of a windmill, or the blades of a wind turbine, repeatedly turn around and around again, to crush, to free, and to reform, this is also our mission. We proclaim God’s two words: Law & Gospel (Law to crush and Gospel to free), and we proclaim them over and over again, with our big goal being to reform Christianity on a global scale.

LIBERATE was launched in 2012 as an annual conference and resource ministry with a wide range of media outlets. Our website now serves as an online magazine that seeks to lift burdens and lighten loads by providing helpful articles published each week day. Our Contributors come from various theological backgrounds and church confessions, all postured to serve and set free.

In addition to our articles and events, we offer a Church Directory that lists churches who share our commitments and values. For pastors seeking encouragement and extra resources on the liberating message of the Gospel, we provide a Pastors Network. For worship leaders and listeners everywhere we also publish new music every year with Coral Ridge Music.

Tullian-PicsquarePastor Tullian Tchividjian, Founder
Tullian is a South Florida native and the grandson of Ruth and Billy Graham. He is a graduate of Columbia International University, where he earned a degree in philosophy, and Reformed Theological Seminary, where he earned his Master of Divinity. Tullian was the founding pastor of the former New City Church, which merged with Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in 2009, where he is now Senior Pastor. He speaks at conferences throughout the United States and his sermons are broadcast on the radio and TV. He is the best-selling author of the books, Glorious Ruin: How Suffering Sets You Free, One Way Love: Inexhaustible Grace for an Exhausted World, and It Is Finished: 365 Days of Good News. Tullian also blogs regularly and he is Lecturer of Pastoral Theology at Knox Theological Seminary. He and his wife, Kim, have three children.

rob picture 3Rob Pacienza, Executive Director
Rob is also the Executive Pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale. In his role he has the privilege of overseeing all of the staff, ministries, and operations of the church. Prior to serving at Coral Ridge, Rob was on staff at Rio Vista Community Church for 7 years as Director of Student Ministries and later as Executive Pastor. Rob graduated from Samford University with a B.A. in Religion and Knox Theological Seminary with a Masters of Divinity. Rob has been married to Jen for 10 incredible years. They have three children, Preston, Lydia, and Lily.

JMaxim squareJonathan Maxim, Editoral Director
Jonathan was formerly a Website Consultant for several years with Church Plant Media where he served many gospel ministries including The Gospel Coalition. After almost 40 years of “do more, try harder” Christianity, he and his wife made “the forgiveness of sins” their central focus and joined a confessional Lutheran congregation, where he has taught a Lutheranism 101 class to both adults and teens. Jonathan holds both an Associates in Art from Rochester Institute of Technology and a Bachelors in Bible from Lancaster Bible College. He and his wife Melissa have 5 children (1 girl and 4 boys).

April MastersonApril Masterson, Conference Director
April is currently planning her second national LIBERATE Conference. She has the pleasure of leading a team of staff and volunteers at Coral Ridge to prepare for this yearly gathering of thousands for one weekend in February. Graduating from Samford University, April quickly began planning events for the Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale, DC Festival with Luis Palau Evangelistic Association, and Fleet Week and the Air & Sea Show in Fort Lauderdale. April has served on staff at Coral Ridge since 2010, along with her husband, Adam, a pastor. They have a son, Wyatt, and daughter, Channing.

DanSeidellk250bDan Siedell, Institute Curator
Dan is Presidential Scholar and Art Historian in Residence at The King’s College in New York City and Associate Professor of Christianity & Culture at Knox Theological Seminary in Fort Lauderdale. He has previously served as a Professor and Chief Curator of the Sheldon Museum of Art, both at the University of Nebraska, and earned his Doctorate in the History of Modern Art from the University of Iowa. Dan is the author of God in the Gallery: A Christian Embrace of Modern Art and Who’s Afraid of Modern Art?, forthcoming from Cascade. He and his wife Kerri have three children, Daniel, Morgan, and Jacob.

JonopicJono Linebaugh, Theologian-in-Residence
Jono is Associate Professor of New Testament at Knox Theological Seminary in Fort Lauderdale. He studied New Testament Theology at Durham University and has written extensively on Paul’s theology of grace and righteousness in conversation with the texts of early Judaism. He is the co-editor of a forthcoming volume from IVP Academic entitled Reformation Readings of Paul and is working on a book on Martin Luther’s interpretation of Paul’s letters. When not teaching and writing, Jono enjoys spending time with his family, surfing, playing and watching lacrosse and basketball, and reading.